14x35 Custom In Ground Vinyl Liner Pool

This custom inground pool has some unique features.  It is a 14'x35' with a custom built in step that measures 7 ft wide.  The floor of the pool is designed to play volleyball with deep area depth that measures 51" of water.  The deck is 550 square feet of brushed concrete that cantilevers over the pool for a refined finished look.  The interior of the pool has one color changing LED light.  Positioned on both sides of the deck sitting area are laminar deck jets with color changing LED lights.
 Rather than a fence to surround the pool we have installed a ASTM approved Automatic Power Safety Cover by Coverstar.  This technologically advanced cover will be opened and closed by a coded touch pad that will send info to any mobile devise and inform the user who has opened and closed the cover as well as how long it has remained open.
All the functions of this pool including, pump and heater operation and laminar jets and lights are controlled from anywhere in the world through any mobile device with Pentair Easy touch automation.


The Mad Designer is the lead designer for Doyle Pools.  In his extensive, world and outer space travels, while touring a pool chemical manufacture facility, he fell into a tank of experimental pool chemical, it changed his life forever.  From his observations in life, he create designs in his head and with his computer he is able to bring them into a 3D perspective.  When he isn’t creating his art, he can be found fishing where he lives in a van down by the river.