Creating your outdoor living space design begins with a few decisions on color, pattern and materials. But with so many possibilities, how do you choose? The answer is asking more questions. How much space do you have to work with? How do you intend to use it? What’s the exterior color of your home? Answers to questions like these will create strong and productive outdoor living designs for you and your contractor to build from.​

Mood board
The best way to begin any design is to collect inspiration. It could be colors from a magazine, furniture from a friend’s home or the overall ambiance from your walk around town. Whatever it is, if it catches your eye, capture it any way you can. That means taking pictures, gathering swatches, bookmarking URLS, and/or Pinterest Board. Remember, creating a mood board will help you organize your outdoor space design ideas and make you ready for the next step.



How will you use your space?
The best way to start your outdoor project is to understand how you intend to use your space. Are you putting in a pool? Will you be hosting large parties? Or maybe the space is meant for cooking outside on a warm summer evening? While the sky's the limit, it's important to narrow your outdoor living plans to one or two key areas and focus your design on those.

Walk around your ideas
Once you determine the intended use of your space, you can begin to consider its layout. Go outside, walk around and see how you move through it. If it’s a private reading nook, how will you walk there from your nearest entry? What about a path to your garage? If you’re planning on eating under the stars but not building an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to make sure the path from your home to the seating area isn’t cumbersome. Above all, you don’t want to put in pavers and then find out it’s not the right walking path. These decisions will influence the type of pavers you choose and this outdoor space design guide is here to help you navigate these choices.



​The Mad Designer is the lead designer for Doyle Pools.  In his extensive, world and outer space travels, while touring a pool chemical manufacture facility, he fell into a tank of experimental pool chemical, and it changed his life forever.  From his observations in life, he create designs in his head and with his computer he is able to bring them into a 3D perspective.  When he isn’t creating his art, he can be found fishing where he lives in a van down by the river.