Patrick Doyle

Founder and President

Pat founded Doyle Pools in 2001. His background in the pool industry includes over 30 years of experience and has put him into Business Management, repairs, rennovations, and new construction. He is in charge of business management, project management and project design. He is especially thankful to all his mentors and is proud to now be a mentor and adviser to others.


  • National Swimming Pool Foundation C.P.O (certified pool operator)
  • Certified Fibre Tech Installer
  • Certified Increte Decorative Concrete Installer
  • Wet Edge Builder
  • Most Beautiful Residential Pool by Fibre Tech Inc.
  • Best New Dealer 2003 by Fibre Tech Inc.
  • Beautification Award by the City of Midland MI.

His three children are the center of his life. He loves traveling and performance boating. Pat has passion for art and design and often jokingly quotes Oscar Levant "There Is a Fine Line between Genius and Insanity".

Chris Cunningham

Chris grew up in the small farm town of Millington, the oldest of 8 kids. With 6 brothers around he always had fun enjoying nature. In 2005 he moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin, where he worked in corporate sales and management. While living in Milwaukee he was an active member of the community, including a brewery club and a dart team. In 2017 he started his own business and decided to move back to Michigan, closer to family. In 2018 he joined the Doyle Pools team and has been the integral piece to expanding our business. When he isn't helping our clients get the water oasis they deserve in their backyard, he can be found in his kayak on the many waterways of mid-Michigan with friends and family.

Mad Designer


Before he was the Mad Designer, he was just curious...

Of all his fascinations, water was the substance that gave him the most goosebumps. And so, a little aquamaniac set sail on a trip around the world to see every single water body there was.
Unfortunately, a band of "uncreatives" caught wind of his mission and fought tooth and nail to stop him. Forlorn at the failure of his expedition, yet driven by his boundless curiosity, he decided to look for water outside Earth. So he went to space, but he didn't have to go too far. A crater on the moon caught his attention. He touched down and began to study it wholeheartedly believing that long ago, there must have been water in it. Although he didn't find his adored water, he fell in love with the moon because there, he had before him an entire heavenly body to explore unrestricted. He could finally let his eccentricities lose, and thus the Mad Designer was born. Soon, he began to think up and create craters of his own, but alas, there was no water to fill them with.

After centuries of covering the moon with empty craters, the man in the moon was finally ready to go back home. The Mad Designer returned back to earth with one goal in mind - to give his creativity full expression - and nothing could stop him this time.

Thankfully, he was received by a world that was far more open and welcoming to creativity and originality. He found that he could express himself more than ever before. And so, the Mad Designer now lives his dreams as the lead designer for Doyle Pools - employing his art to help others maximize their spaces on planet Earth and achieve the homes of their dreams.
Although the Mad Designer has no permanent residence of his own, the world is his home. Having been on the moon for so long, he attests to the truth of the platitude, "There's no place like home." He can't get enough of Earth, and he's always on the move, making observations and acquiring insight to help him create even madder designs in his head. And he has fashioned in his van the perfect working atmosphere where he can use his computers to transform his ideas into 3-D graphic perspectives.

Every week, The Mad Designer drives to a new water body from which he draws fresh inspiration. When he isn't creating art, he can be found fishing at his newfound pool of water.