The Client

​The client is a Landscape Company in Mid-Michigan known for doing some of the area’s best and most creative hardscape work including City Street Scape, Brick Paver Patio Outdoor Living Areas and Outdoor Kitchens

​Home owners check list of features

The list of features by the homeowner was pretty short and pretty simple.

  • Steel wall vinyl liner construction
  • A diving pool for the 3 kids
  • Fit a budget

What did we learn about the family?

  • 3 kids and 2 Adults
  • This is the house all the kids’ friends come to play at.
  • The adults do a lot of entertaining
  • They prefer symmetry in design

​Design features for fill the family’s lifestyle and needs

This custom inground swimming pool design is a 16’x41’ True L and the shallow end is 24’ wide with plenty of room for the three kids and all their friend.  It is 781 square feet of surface area and holds approximately 21,000 gallons of water.  The deep end is a safety design approved for an 8’ diving board.  In the shallow end of the pool we gave this design some space that the adults could lounge in the water on the sun ledge or sit and relax on the two bench seats located on either side of the steps.  The vinyl liner for this pool is custom made with heavy duty vinyl material with a non-skid surface on the tops of the sun shelf, benches and steps.



The deck has 1539 square feet of brick patio pavers and a matching brick coping at the pool edge.  In order to minimize cost we gave the deck, space where it was needed and didn’t waste the money on deck space where it wasn’t needed.  It has three separate sitting areas and enough deck space to safely walk along the pools sides.  The fire pit is a wood burning pit, however could have been easily made as a gas burning pit.  Surrounding the fire pit is a short wall that nicely breaks up and identifies the space and can also be used as a seat wall.  In the large area closest to the house there is enough room to later add a planned outdoor kitchen.




Custom pool design

​Custom design isn’t always about irregular shapes, rare materials or expensive features.  To us at Doyle Pools, custom design is just understanding the clients wants, needs and intended use.  There are so many exciting things that can be done, just be combining common shapes, materials and features without spending excessive amounts of money.  Give Doyle Pools a call at 989-996-0037 today and our experienced staff and designers can help you create your dream outdoor space.  Share this with your friends, so they can also create paradise.

The Mad Designer is the lead designer for Doyle Pools.  In his extensive, world and outer space travels, while touring a pool chemical manufacture facility, he fell into a tank of experimental pool chemical, and it changed his life forever.  From his observations in life, he create designs in his head and with his computer he is able to bring them into a 3D perspective.  When he isn’t creating his art, he can be found fishing where he lives in a van down by the river.